Military Family Reintegration

Military Family Reintegration
The body format for this 7–8-page paper will be as follows:
1. Introductory paragraph in which you explain what the purpose is for the paper.
2. Use your readings to identify each need, 1 at a time. Use these identified needs as headings in your paper. In this short, but focused section you will want to have at least 3 references/sources for each need, 1 of which needs to be an academic or scholarly reference. Limit this section to no more than 6 focus areas (family issues, post battle traumas, career, etc.). Some of your focused areas/needs may be addressed in more of an expanded way in later modules/weeks in this term; however, in your explorative readings, you will come across these needs and be able to use them in your paper.
3. Use you conclusion paragraph to share any personal reflections you may have on your findings. You may use first person in this conclusion section.
The six area in which you will writte the paper are
1. resilience
3. acute stress
4. alcohol
5. anger
6. Reintegration and the importance of spirituality.
providing you with all the articles need it for each of six topic please stick to apa guideline to apa guideline not internet encyclopidia