Natural plant products as anti-cancer drugs could fenugreek provide a future treatment?

Natural plant products as anti-cancer drugs could fenugreek provide a future treatment?
Your CW task is to create a web page based informative resource. You will be given an individual title and you should research the topic area in good text books, journal review articles and original research articles as well as appropriate level and validity web based material.
All of the CW titles are in the form of a QUESTION. You need to create a resource that provides a reasoned argument to answer this question. In doing this you must introduce the different aspects of the topic (basic mechanisms of cancer biology) moving from more basic and fundamental background information towards research evidence to support your argument to answer the question.
In the meantime you should be beginning to research and prepare your CW using Word to write text, select appropriate diagrams etc.
Remember that, as with ALL work, you MUST NOT copy material directly from any source. Read sources, make your own notes and then construct your text IN YOUR OWN WORDS by synthesising information from a variety of sources. Remember as you go along to keep a record in your text of your reference sources –do not consider that you can simply add these in later on.
The basic rules for the CW are:
1.You should restrict your web resource to 6-8 pages of content, plus title, reference list and quiz pages in addition.
2.The references you use must include textbooks, review articles, original research papers and web sources. You are RESTRICTED to 5 original research articles. A guideline to the total number of references to be used is 10-15.
3. Use these sources effectively. You are expected to include some well chosen data from selected articles in your work.
4. The text component of your work (including Figure legends and words associated with tables) should not exceed 2000 words.
5. You can insert Figures and Tables, either from sources or created by yourself, but the former must be referenced correctly.
6. You can also insert video clips and create hyperlinks. Use these facilities wisely and sparingly. Ensure that what you are including or linking to here is at an appropriate level and enhances your work.
7. You are required to include ONE quiz of 6 to 10 questions and ONE activity eg matching terms with their definitions. You need to produce these quiz questions yourself.
9. Remember your target audience- you should be pitching the level and style of your work to be appropriate to be an informative resource for other students at your stage of study ie final year undergraduates on a Bioscience programme. You must explain concepts and pathways simply and clearly; define unfamiliar terms and avoid over-complex detail.
10. Remember that you are on a Cancer Biology module, not Clinical Medicine, nor Radiography, nor Nursing. You must focus on the SCIENCE that underlies your topic- eg signalling pathways, mode of action of therapeutic agents, biochemical principles of diagnostic tests etc NOT lists of medical terms etc.
Just work on 3 page coursework, no need to do web-page creation