First, you need to read slides to understand basic background of baseball and recruits in Dominican Academy. It is very important to read slides and understand what are we going to talk about!
Second, there are two films you really need to watch. You will talk about those two movies in the essay. Links are here:

(You really have to watch this two films, both of them are need to be purchased on youtube,
There’s really only one question here – and that is what can be done to deal with the myriad of problems faced by young Latino men who aspire to play professionally in the United States and who view baseball as “the only way out.” You may be tempted to just use the program I developed for the Mets as your answer – but avoid putting too much emphasis on it. For one thing, it’s a program just one team thus far has been willing to support. For another, the problem peloteros(player) face is far greater than problems with the English language. So, watch the films again, do your own research, and let’s see what kinds of solutions you can offer.
two useful links for you, just check out
You will also do your own research and tell what solution you can offer.