personality and addiction

personality and addiction
(a) Research Proposal:
Once a research question has been decided upon in consultation with your supervisor(s), a research proposal must be written and submitted in term 2 (date to be confirmed). The proposal should be constructed using the following structure :
1. Title of proposed project.
2. Name of student.
3. Justification for the project; that is, what is its relevance to psychological assessment and/or a particular issue or problem? How will the study contribute to or develop our understanding of the problem, and what implications (conceptual, methodological) for assessment practice may result from the research?
4. Summary of the project in approximately 150 words.
5. Brief (one page) review of the literature.
6. State what hypothesis or hypotheses will be tested. If you will not be testing a hypothesis, state the aims of the study. Where statistical analysis will be carried out, the rationale for this should be justified.
7. Describe the research design (including type of research, data collection methods and the nature of the analysis). Details of proposed data collection methods (e.g. questionnaires) should be attached to your proposal.
8. List and describe any ethical problems that may affect your research, and state whether or not approval from an ethical committee (e.g. in a hospital) has been obtained.
9. Set out a proposed timetable which covers all aspects of research activity (e.g. pilot questionnaire, write up results) on a month by month basis.
10. Supervisor(s): list the name of those supervising the dissertation. Please note that aresearch proposal is a contract between you and a supervisor. The proposal MUST be agreed before research can commence.
This study is designed to measure substance use. It is hypothesised that specific preference for a music genre and scoring high on the trait boredom proneness, fantasy proneness can lead to substance use. Boredom Proneness will be assessed using 28 item ‘The Boredom Proneness Scale’ using a 7-point likert response. Fantasy Proneness will be assessed using 25 item self measure of fantasy proneness called the ‘Creative Experiences Questionnaire’ using Yes/No responses. 12 item ‘ Music Consumption Scale’ will be used to asses the frequency of the music consumption behaviours. 10 item ‘ Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test ‘ will be used to asses the typical pattern of drinking . 8 item ‘The Cannabis Use Disorder Identification Test’ will be used to investigate persons experiences with cannabis use (if there is such experience) and a 14-item scale ‘Short Test of Music Preferences’ will be used to asses individuals preferences in music genres. Questionnaires will be served on an online survey. There will be 200 Participants that will be recruited on Facebook or online forums. All the participants will be debriefed at the end of the experiment.
Substance use is becoming more and more common than most people think. In fact, most people get exposed to a certain drug (legal or illegal) at some point in their life either due to social reasons or lifestyle choices. In this study I was interested in the relationship between substance use, music preference and personality measures. As part of the questionnaire, you answered questions about fantasy proneness, boredom proneness, Music Consumption Scale, AUDIT Scale, CUDIT-R and STOMP. These personality measures and music genre preferences were believed to complement the substance use.