Pharmacology CASE STUDY

 Pharmacology CASE STUDY
Patient Medication Profile Assignment
Analyze the following case. Create a plan for the patient. Chose an appropriate therapy. Present orders written. Go to the Doc Sharing area and download Blank_Rx.doc; use this document to prescribe any medications, ensuring to provide all the necessary information.
M.T. is an eighty-year-old Asian male brought to the geriatrics clinic by his daughter because he is becoming more forgetful. The daughter explains that the patient often does not even recognize his own grandson. When asked, however, the patient denies memory impairment. The daughter states that her father has been having trouble for almost four years, now. She said she did not realize how much her father had changed until she watched a home video of her father with his grandson six years ago. “His personality has even seemed to have changed,” said the daughter. M.T. is no longer able to take care of his home and household chores and is sometimes slow to respond to questions.
History of present illness: Peptic ulcer disease (PUD) with last occurrence three years ago
• Retired sanitation worker x fifteen years
• Lives with daughter since the death of his wife five years ago
• Denies ethyl alcohol (ETOH) and intravenous drug abuse (IVDA)