Philosophy of Religion

 Philosophy of Religion
Part A:
Course has examined the Nature of God within the major theistic religious traditions of the world, West and East, by interpreting and analyzing two comogonies (Myths of Creation); GENESIS, chapter One, and the laws of manu, reference was also made to the problem of evil that arrives from the belief that the creator god is good in essence.
you are to analyze and interpret in detail these two cosmogonies in order to highlight the symbolic world views, characteristics of later judaic christian and islamic traditions (GENESIS) and Hindu traditions (the laws of manu). Finally you are to conclude your essay with a discussion of the problem of evil as interpreted by judaic, christian , islamic and hindu religious traditions.
Part B:
The medieval Philosophers, IBN RUSD, MAIMONIDES and THOMAS AQUINAS developed COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENTS for the existence of God to provide rational basis for the revelation given to the prophets along the line of time. Asserting that MYSTICAL EXPERIENCE is an equally valid basis for religious knowledge, HINDU ABSOLUTISTS, and BUDDHISTS deny the existence of GOD.
You are to present the COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENTS for the existence of GOD, and then you are to analyze the HINDU and BUDDHIST world views that deny the existence of god. Finally, from your point of view, can the existence of non-existence of GOD be rationally proven by philosophical arguments, whether based upon reason or upon mystical experience.


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