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In the Introduction, briefly describe what the book was about, what it said about the socio-historical period that it covered, and also describe some of the dominant sociological themes presented by the author.
Regarding the paper?s content, you are to pick one of the sociological themes discussed by the author. The theme you choose should be broached throughout the novel. Essentially, your task is twofold. First, take this theme and critically discuss how it was presented in the novels. Secondly, revolving around your chosen theme, explain how fiction was used as a vehicle to comment on society in general, and, in particular, the status of African Americans in society. You are also to use the supplemental and outside readings as support for your observations and arguments, which will be provided to you.
Only use the chosen book and articles in the content when citing and in the reference section. Choose a title for the paper that relates to your theme or thesis of the paper. Your thesis should and must be clearly stated in your Introduction paragraph.

I will upload all articles for this paper. The chosen book for this paper is title: Giovanni?s Room by James Baldwin

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