Based on previous PIcot question
Presenting a Poster
You will submit a poster depicting your work. Download View in a new window
Creativity is encouraged for this part of the project, but do not forget to address the elements required from the rubric.
Poster Grading Rubric
Clinical Question PICOT:
Display PICOT question in correct format.
Search Strategy:
Define the process steps for the search (define the MeSH headings, search terms, databases used and choosing the appropriate database, inclusion and exclusion criteria for the search)
Rate and Critical Appraisal of Evidence
Identification of 3 articles relevant to assigned priority area
Level of evidence and provision of summation
Appraisal to include strengths and limitations, risk level for intervention, and feasibility of use in practice
Integration and Translation
Evaluate Outcomes
Evaluate anticipated outcomes of integration and translation
Disseminate Outcomes
Poster completion (publishing, podium presentation, poster)
Organization, creativity, completeness
3-5 bullet points summarizing results of EBP, translation, and outcomes on defined priority area
Implications for nursing

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