postmodernism features in City of Glass By Auster

postmodernism features in City of Glass By Auster
The essay should discuss postmodernism features in City of glass by Auster.  Use the sources that are in the abstract, and add more 4 sources to make the argument strong.THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF SOURCES ARE 8. If you find the sources are not useful in your argument you can replace one or two but not all of them.
In addition of the abstract, here are some questions to help you to build the argument.
1-what exactly make Auster’s novel is postmodern ?
2-does anyone or would anyone disagree with this characterization of the novel?
3- provide both views for critics who agree and disagree with your argument.
4- how might returning to Auster’s postmodernism novel provide insight into possible answers to the question of how we might define the contemporary literature?
(you have to include QUOTES from the novel to support the argument) it is really important.

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