Poverty in canada-Essay

I will attach an article for which is about poverty in the us by Dana Dunn and David Waller`s, Analyzing Social Problems, second edition, Prentice-Hall, 2000.
These are some notes from the instructor on the essay:
This article examines social problems in United States and you will need to investigate if there are equivalent discussions of the selected social problem in Canada. In otherwords, one of your first tasks is to research the social problem in the context of Canada. please include referencing and a bibliography.
Formalizing the topic into a sociological framework is the main objective of this research paper, hence, if you are unsure of what constitutes the `Sociological perspective` as it applies to your particular topic, please consult with the instructor for clarification and/or identify literature written from this frame of reference. Keep in mind that this is the most difficult part of the project, and thus constitutes a major part of the term paper grade.

To strengthen the sociological perspective
you might look for David Ross’ book ” The Canadian fact book on Poverty`. Remember
from the social problems perspective, you need to spend some time with the problem
of ‘defining’ poverty. There is quite an interesting debate on this subject, and some
writers (Sarlo, for example) define it in such a way that they argue there is little poverty
in Canada. Ross provides a good summary of the debate over definition in this his book.

If you cant find any of the books he has suggested, i can find them and scan them for you.