Preformulation study of physical and chemical property for new topical drug development -Essay

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I am testing the physicochemical properties of a new drug developed in my University name 4-Methoxymelatonin as a potential new drug for topical treatment of psoriasis. I tested the Log P value of the drug by HPLC and shake-flask method. I uploaded part of my report and results i had done but i am not sure if they are done correctly.(Review the parts i have done and feel free to correct them.) I am willing to pay any additional charges.
I want the discussion to be written based on the information provided.
Some areas of focus:
– Reliability of results
– What else could be done to enhance the accuracy
– Additional info needed to improved accuracy?
– Why results differ from literature values
– Any potential difficulties in conducting the experiments
– Why 2 methods gave different results
– Alternative methods?
– all relevant points for the discussion
– how the results obtained apply to topical drug development


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