Project proposal for Clinical Incident Debriefing in the Emergency Department Setting

Project proposal for Clinical Incident Debriefing in the Emergency Department Setting
Proposal task description .
Students will develop a proposal for a practice development project. In the proposal the student will present a systematic plan for a practice development project that incorporates the aims, processes and feedback mechanisms that would be relevant to the project and consistent with PD principles. The student will also outline the key role of a clinical leader in this practice development plan. Each aspect of the plan will be justified. The proposal may (indeed should) employ headings (e.g. Background, Issue/Focus of Practice Change, Strategies to be employed etc etc)
Assessment Criteria:
1.Critically evaluate the relationships among and between clinical leadership, workplace culture, personal empowerment and practice change.
2.Distinguish between practice development-based and systems-based organisational change.
3.Discuss the concept of professional learning in a practice development framework.
4.Reflect on and research alternatives to current practice to facilitate effective decision-making for healthcare clients.
5.Design a context-specific proposal for change using the principles of practice development.
develop a proposal for the PD project on implementing a post incident debrief in the emergency department to cover things such as traumas, resuscitation, and other emergency events that looks at a recap of what happened, what went well, where improvements could be made, and education that needs to occur in skills, knowledge or equipment availability, teamwork, policy changes etc that could improve patient outcomes and the work environment of the staff