Public International Law

 Public International Law
Question :’International environmental law has developed as compatible with the foundations of international law (sovereign equality, state consent etc) yet it is only by placing human rights, and thus the individual, at the centre of environmental law that international and and national gains are made’ (Cullet)
Please base the essay mainly on the following articles (but also include various different sources) :
Cullet, P., ‘the Kyoto Protocol’
Cullet, ‘Differential Treatment’
Cullet, Right to Water
Try to include Klabbers on International Law as a source a well.
Please follow OSCOLA referencing style, and avoid plagiarism. Also please try to structure the essay in a a very clear and coherent manner, and state a clear thesis statement in the introduction.
Please try to aim for a high 2:1 grade. And also try to demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental principles of international law.


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