Q&A Principles of Logic -Coursework

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this is not a paper. just answer the following questions. at least three sentances for each question. Use the book: intorduction to logic 14th edition. isbn-13: 978-0-205-82037-5

Chapter 8
Question 1:How do formal proofs contribute to an understanding of the processes of logical reasoning? Can you see any context in which these may be useful in the real world?
Question 2: Give examples of the distinction between material conditionals and biconditionals not given in the learning modules or in the book, and show how they are distinct.

Chapter 9
Question 1: Please explain how expressing universal categorical propositions as conditionals articulates their internal structures. Why are particular propositions not expressed in that way?
Chapter 10
Question 1: An analogical relationship is obvious when directly expressed. In what other ways do we employ them as a way to understand unfamiliar phenomena?
Chapter 11 and 12
Question 1: Read the Lecture Notes for this section, and address how logic and scientific method determine the nature and limits of rational thinking.
Question 2: How does the structure of the brain parallel the development of human cognition. The answer is in the Lecture Notes.
Chapter 13
Question 1: In what way is probability central to scientific method? To knowledge generally? How is it central to conceptions of epistemology, quantum mechanics, and thermodynamics?


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