Quest for the lost

Quest for the lost
This started from what I like. When I was young I enjoyed getting new experience. I was excited, when I went something new place where I ever haven’t been before or when I saw something what I don’t know.
Since childhood, I enjoyed watching animation. I often watched story about unexpected journey, adventure, and wonderland. Something like Paul’s Miraculous Adventures, Wonderful adventure of Nils, The New Adventures Of Pippi Longstocking.
Interestingly, in these stories which I liked have something in common. Characters are so young and pure. They are look so weak and sometimes they got into difficulties but after all they got overcome every hardships. In this part I was recall a book, which is Mom. Summarize story She has unique ability which can sincerely heard others speech. One day, the gray gentlemans comes to their village and they deceive the villager and gentlemans take their times. But Momo is unique, than gentlemans can’t take Momo’s times. That time, Momo meet the person who is the time manager. Than, Momo get rid of gentlemans by help of the manager.
In this story I saw the modern men who live tight and dryness. In the school students are wear same clothes and study same things. Furthermore, they have a same dream that called University.
I want to go adventure that for the lost things, with people who live in a gray city.
for this I researched about Paul’s Miraculous Adventures, Wonderful adventure of Nils, The New Adventures Of Pippi Longstocking, Peterpan, Momo Roald Amundsen’s South Pole Expedition (1910~1912). The Wizard of OZ.
In this project I will follow the Momo’s stroy.
so This collection gonna be minimal but it will be contain various of coulour. I will bring shape from South Pole Expedition.
I will design minimal and it will be have a big shape
Techniques and process – Printing on fabric( this is first time to using printing skill so I will try every printing skills as much as I can)- I want to put children’s’ colorful hand painting on fabric
colour and texture and materials. – I will use simple coloured fabrics (white, gray and black )and red, blue green orange yellow colours printing.
I will put colours on inner wear. and outer gonna be simple.
and I will use leather and shiny fabrics and I will try to use fur if it matched with my design
Markets -20 to 35. I really like Juun.J and J.W Anderson and Celin. simple but have a wit.
I really like strong women. my design is for women who want to be see strong, chic and cynical. I like unisexual design.