The name of subject: private tuition
1-Create a 10 minute ‘get to know you’ communicative based activity for an upper beginner adult.
2- Create a 20 minute TPR activity using a song for an intermediate adolescent.
3– Create a 45 minute lesson plan utilising all four language skills on a topic of your choice for an upper intermediate adult using AV& IT.
4-.Create a 45 minute lesson plan utilising all four language skills on a topic of your choice for an upper beginner child using AV& IT.
5. List 5 possible websites you could advertise on to find students to tutor?
6 List 5 activities and 5 resources that could be used to help with pronunciation.
7 Create a 20 minute TPR activity focusing on pronunciation for Asian intermediate children.
8.Create a 45 minute lesson plan focusing on the listening and speaking skills on a topic of your choice. The lesson plan must incorporate a reading and a writing task. Choose the age and level of your student.
9- For each of the 5 listening sub-skills provide an example activity that can be used to enhance your students’ listening skills.
This is 5 listening
1. Predictive skills
2. Specific information (scanning)
3. General idea (skimming)
4. Detailed information
5. Deduction from context
10 Create a formal assessment tool to evaluate an Intermediate adolescent’s listening and speaking skills.
11-Create a 45 minute lesson plan to informally evaluate your upper beginner 8-10year old student’s progress.
12.Create a 45 minute lesson plan to informally evaluate your upper intermediate adult student’s progress
Create a lexical approach based activity for beginner children on a topic of your choice.
13-Create a communicative approach activity for Intermediate adolescents on a topic of your choice.
14- Create a TPR approach activity for Upper-Intermediate children to teach one grammar point of choice.
15-Create a 45 min lesson plan using the Eclectic approach for an Intermediate adult whose goal is to travel to America. The adult is also considered a ‘righty’ and prefers activities that are visual and kinaesthetic in nature.
16-Which learning styles would you categorise yourself to possess? Provide 3 examples of the types of activities that you would prefer.
17- List 10 activities that incorporate the use of technology that could be conducted in a private tutoring class.
18 – As a tutor, you may come across students from various cultures. Explain why it is important to be aware of cultural differences of your students.
Name of the subject : English for adolescents ages 13-19
1- Create a 45 minute lesson plan for Upper Intermediate Teenagers and include a minimal pair activity.
2- What is the purpose of communication in the TESOL classroom?
3- Create a communication activity for Intermediate Teenagers and build it into a full 45 minute lesson.
4- Create a 45 minute lesson plan for Advanced adolescent students, include the use of video in your lesson plan and a communicative activity.
5- Create a 45 minute lesson plan for Intermediate Teenagers include the use of a song.
6- Why is it important that TESOL teachers provide numerous opportunities for students to utilise their listening skill?
7- Create a 45 minute lesson plan incorporating the Communicative Approach for Upper Intermediate Teenagers.
8- What is the focus in the Principled Eclecticism Approach?
9- What can you use to give you an idea of the specific interests of your students?
10 -List 4 ways to get students involved in the teaching.
11- Why is it important for the TESOL teacher to understand why an adolescent student is learning English?
12- What are the adolescent years?
13- Why can Teenagers become confused, excited and frustrated easily?
14 – How do Teenagers help themselves to deal with the changes they are facing?
15 – Why would an adolescent from Australia act differently to an adolescent from China?
16- What effect on Teenagers do Culture and Society have and how does this influence how they deal with puberty?
17- How do biological changes affect Teenagers feelings?
18 -What is ‘de-idealisation’?

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