Research report comparing Sydney and Brisbane

Research report comparing Sydney and Brisbane
Compare these cities based on two factors – “liveability” and economics.
Compare the costs of public transport and housing of the two cities.
•Compare the average unemployment rate of the two cities over the last five years.
•Compare the average number of days sunshine (by month), the average rainfall (by month, and the average temperature (by month) of the two cities.
•Provide recommendations to a potential immigrant about the best city to migrate to.
After brainstorming some of your own ideas, you must find a minimum of three sources which relate to the topic. These references must be of academic quality – Wikipedia, e-zine articles, and articles without an author are not acceptable. Ideally, your resources should be:
• a book (from the library), and
• at least one academic journal article, and
• credible websites (such as government body or research website).
All reference sources must be in English. Referencing, both in-text and bibliography, must use the Harvard referencing style.
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