Responds to Barack Obama’s speech (Immigration Speech on 11/20/14)

Responds to Barack Obama’s speech (Immigration Speech on 11/20/14)
Write an opinion piece that might be published in a newspaper like the New York Times or Washington Post that responds to Barack Obama’s speech ten days ago. You are welcome choose any direction for your commentary (cultural, economic, policy, demographic). Follow these guidelines
to help with format, tone, and style. You should offer a sophisticated answer, but as the guidelines suggest, “relax and have fun” and “embrace your personal voice.” Please note the limit of 750 words.
These questions are designed to speak to broad themes we have discussed during the quarter. You should look to incorporate a diverse range of evidence drawn our from readings, lecture, and discussion to support your statements.
The quality of an answer depends upon your ability to demonstrate a working knowledge of our material. That is: have actively thought through these subjects, synthesized them in your head, and dug a bit further?
The essay should include a title.
12 pt font, 1” Margins, Double-spaced
Attribute your ideas. If you want to quote or refer to a source, identify the person and page number (i.e., as Gabaccia suggests, “americans’ awareness and attitudes toward immigrants and their foreign relations changed dramatically with America’s role in the world.” (10).
While outside research is not encouraged, you are welcome to bring in other materials, if appropriate. Footnote any outside research sufficiently+ so I can locate the original source.

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