S1 Risk and Threat Assessment

S1 Risk and Threat Assessment
Develop a security plan for a small town train station and conduct a risk assessment and threat analysis.
Organization: Train Station in Verona, Italy.
History: Verona Porta Nuova is the main railway station of the city of Verona. It is situated at the Piazzale 25 Aprile Square. This station was opened in 1852 but substantially rebuilt between 1910 and 1922. It was rebuilt again between 1946 and 1949 after being destroyed by allied bombing during the World War II. Porta Nuova station serves a number of railway lines connecting Verona with Milan and Venice, Bologna, Austria and Germany through the Brenner Pass. It currently handles 25 million passengers annually.
Assets: If assets were attacked it would impact operations and morale, damage control of an organization, to include international relations, and the potential for the Italian Government actions to trigger a threat response. There is a massive impact to the organizations information security system if hackers are able to access computer rail system. Rail cars are an asset as well.
You will evaluate: Current organizational security systems, Facilities, Personnel, Information Systems, and other definable assets.
In conducting your assessment, consider the influence of crime and the concept of criminology as they relates to the organization.
Also incorporate any national or global issues that have an effect on the organization.
Write a 2,400-word paper that includes the following information:
Provide an introduction
Provide a detail conclusion
Provide cited references as per APA guidelines.
Format paper consistent with APA guidelines-See attachment loaded that has the specific for the format required.
Please check for grammatical errors. Original paper please. This is included with my membership.
Paper must include the following; (USE sub-titles throughout the body of the paper.
Body of the paper:
•The organizational overview to include assets.
•Prioritized assessment of threats and risk. This should come in the form of a calculated risk assessment.
•Identify vulnerability, to include strengths and weaknesses of your selected organization’s security system(s), including facilities, people, information systems, and other appropriate assets.
•The influence of crime and criminology in your assessment, as well as applicable national and global issues.