Social Media Multimedia Project

Social Media Multimedia Project
Multimedia Project
Do Multimedia project consist content analysis that was chosen as the study’s methodology for five Kuwaitis newspaper in 3 social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for time period (11/1/2014 to 11/11/2014),
Please include:
Methodology + Sampling method + Data analysis (coding sheet) + Research limitation + finding.
The purpose of this research:
Is to analyze the adoption of (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) by major leading print newspaper in Kuwait and to examine the level of engagement with each newspaper social media accounts.
For Facebook:
Number of people like their page and how many post and is there any comments or like for news and does contain links and do they have verified page?
For Twitter:
Number of followers, following, Favorites, Mentions, Lists and the time they Joined Twitter, Do they use hashtags and links and do they have verified account?
For Instagram:
Number of followers, following, post and like and do they use mention and hashtage with their post.

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