• Create a news report
• Create a captivating heading. You may use images to create a Captivating title of your Pharmacology news.
• Provide an in-depth discussion on various aspects
– Clinical uses of the drug or drug class,
– associated risks and benefits
– Specific areas of concern
– Clinical studies where applicable
– Events or attributes leading to controversy or new therapy.
– Changes to registration, availability, or recommendations that may have subsequently
• Reflect on the importance of ongoing clinical trials and post-marketing
Surveillance with registered drugs.
Written assignment Double sided
TWO A4 PAGES plus references
28 References to include
Initial Reference Search (28 minimum) ALL references must be credible including the Australian Medicines Handbook (2014)
Rang HP, Dale MM, Ritter JM, Moore PK and Henderson, G: Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology, Seventh Edition. Edinburgh:
Churchill Livingstone.2011.
Brunton,L. Chabner,B. Knollman,B and Knollman,B.C. Goodman and Gilman’s
The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics. Twelfth edition. New York:
McGraw-Hill; 2011.
In text citation is very crucial EVERY SINGLE INFORMATION MUST MUST MUST BE CITED using vancouve referencing style

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