strategic management

strategic management
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The evolution of one telecommunications enterprise and the demise of another can be very much determined by the strategic analysis it undertakes along with a number of other associated factors. Therefore the selection of relevant analytical processes and understanding of their contribution can be critically important.
Your Task:
you are required to develop a detailed 3000 word (+/- 10%) written assignment applying and critically evaluating three of the following analytical processes with respect to the three mobile phone manufacturers, Microsoft Nokia, Samsung and Apple. Your analysis can be applied to one, two or a combination of all three organisations. You are required to select and evaluate any three from the following: Yip’s Drivers of Internationalisation, Johnson’s Culture Web, Porter’s Diamond, Bowman’s Strategy Clock, Porter’s Generic Strategies and McKinsey’s 7-S Framework.
You are required to explore where the processes may have advantages and disadvantages, within this sector, where they may be most effective, how you would mitigate any identified deficiencies, in essence a comprehensive critique. Your analysis must apply a practical approach to the real issues that occur within the telecommunications industries to illustrate and underpin your opinions, observations, thoughts and knowledge.
General Assessment Considerations
Aside from the basic considerations of legibility, structure and presentation, emphasis in assessing your written work at final degree level will be placed on your demonstration of:
1. Evidence of research, information gathering, understanding and opinion.
2. A critical theoretical evaluation of the models used during the process.
3. A structured framework for your evaluation and a clear and coherent approach to communicating your ideas.
you must go to have a look at this website, because this website is from our tutor made a guideline for the assignment:
and use this book which we use for this subject:Exploring strategy: text & cases – Gerry Johnson, Richard Whittington, Duncan Angwin, Kevan Scholes 2014