Summarizing one week of ethical decision-making observations -Essay

Topic: Ethics
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You will submit a 5 – 6-page paper summarizing one week of ethical decision-making observations. Starting on Monday of Module/Week 2, begin making notes of 1) specific situations at your job in which decision-making was or was not based on ethical principles, 2) your participation in or response to the situation, 3) whether you think the situation was handled correctly, and 4) suggestions for how the situation could be better addressed in the future. Keep track of the days, times, and circumstances surrounding the situations in question. Continue to record this information until Friday of Module/Week 2.

At the end of the workweek, use your journal notes to write the ethical analysis paper. Include anecdotal information and critical analyses of the situations in your paper. In order to respect the privacy of others, refrain from including names or other identifying information in your paper. Format the paper in correct APA style and submit it by the end of Module/Week 2. Sunday 3/31/2012

Review the Ethical Analysis Paper Grading Rubric in order to improve the quality of your paper.