Syntax Homework

Syntax Homework
This is the assignment homework you do not have to give the resources,
Assignment Instructions
Syntax Homework
Part I. Consider the following set of phrase structure rules:
• 1. NP ⇒ (Det) N (PP)
• 2. PP ⇒ P NP
1. Rule 1 actually subsumes four different phrase structure rules. What are they?
2. Draw trees for two different English Noun Phrases that this set of rules generates. Be explicit and make sure you follow these rules exactly.
3. Using X-bar notation, state what rule(s) you would need to replace the rule in 1, so that ternary branching is avoided.
4. Is the above set of rules recursive? Show why or why not.
Part II. Consider the following set of English sentences:
• 1. Students should read the chapter.
• 2. Should students read the chapter?
Assume the sentences in 1–3 are derived from the same underlying sentence structure, as in sentence 1, through movement transformations. Remember, heads move to head positions and phrases move to phrasal positions.
1. Identify what element(s) must have moved in sentences 2 and 3.
2. For each element identified, decide whether you think it is a phrase or a head.
3. Assume that there is one (functional) projection above IP — call it CP — and show how the sentences in 2 and 3 make use of the extra positions afforded by the CP projection.