The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall
  Please be sure to use specific dates and times. Also, please focus on the post-war division and the role of the Cold War–and suspicious leadership. How were citizens on each side impacted? How did this affect the political, social and economic structure on each side?
 Please be sure to use credible sources for your research. Avoid Wikipedia,, etc. Use the Online Library for your work. Please also be sure to cite all sources correctly.
 Identify a significant historical event that occurred between 1945 and 2008 that has had positive and/or negative consequences (e.g. the Truman Doctrine, the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War, 9/11, the war in Afghanistan, etc.), and defend your selection as a significant contemporary event. The paper should include the following.
 ?Identify and describe the historical event.
 ?Analyze the historical and contemporary causes of the event.
 ?Analyze different historical interpretations of the event.
 ?Evaluate the positive and negative outcomes of the event.


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