The Juvenile Court System-Essay

750 words are the body of the paper. Does not include cover page or reference page.

Work must be in APA format which includes cites and at least 2 references.
This paper will cover:
1. How have legal norms changed?
a. Kent v. U.S. (court case)
b. In re Gault (court case)
1. right to receive notice of charges
2. Right to be represented by counsel
3.ect… ect
c. Breed v. Jones (court Case)
2. How is the Status offender controlled?
a. deinstitutionalization of status offenders
b. jurisdiction over status offenders
3. What does the juvenile court look like today? (eg. the judge, the referee, defense attorney, prosecutor, probation officers, and support personnel)
4.What are other stages of juvenile court proceedings? (adjudication hearing, disposition hearing, predisposition report, judicial alternatives, plea bargaining)
5. What rights does the juvenile have to appeal?
a. In re Gault
6. Juvenile sentencing structure? (Daniel P. Mears and Samuel H. Field, authors)