Under-representation of African American Women in Top Level Executive Positions in Law Enforcement

Under-representation of African American Women in Top Level Executive Positions in Law Enforcement
An 18-page paper to discuss and synthesis the results and findings of my qualitative phenomenological study to explore the experience of African American women in law enforcement with the regard to promotion and advancing throughout their career. The study should utilize 20 African American female officers in an administrative position. The study will use the phenomenological qualitative approach with a focus on the unique perspectives and experiences of women of color in professional and managerial positions in law enforcement, the perceptions of African American female law enforcement officers in their career paths and professional goals, factors that contribute to lack of advancement opportunities for women in law enforcement, the perception of African American female officers in the administrative role and how their career path prepared them for administration, and the perception of the African American executive female officers on the glass ceiling. The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological study is to explore the experience of 20 African American women currently seeking to advance to top-level executive position in rural Georgia. The researches method consists of interviews from the participants to help understand and identify challenges or barriers that obstruct African American women from reaching the highest level in their career path. The following research questions will be explored in the study: RQ1: What are the professional journeys of African American women in law enforcement who have obtained top-level executive positions? RQ2: What are your personal and professional perceptions of African American women in law enforcement executive positions? RQ3: How will the under-representation of African American women influence the future of diversity in law enforcement leadership? This page should include the following information: 1. Chapter introduction 2. Restatement of Purpose of Study 3. Theoretical Overview 4. Participants’ profiles explaining the age, gender, or relevant related information on the population. The researcher narrates a summary of the demographics of the sample, and if the table is concise, presents demographics in a table format after the narration. 5. Data collection process (interviews and supporting documents) 6. Address each research question by utilizing the following components: (In each findings, please identify each section) Example: Question: Themes and sub-categories Theoretical overview Apply and synthesis with current literature • Research questions and key findings (themes and sub-categories) • Theoretical overview as it pertains to the research questions, results, and findings (Feminist Theory and Critical Race Theory). • Analyze and synthesis research questions, findings, and themes with current literature (2007-2014). 5. Summary of the chapter Graphs can be used to explain any of the above information. If you use a graph or table, introduce it, present it, and discuss it. Chapter 5 (please utilize the headings provided) need a 10-page section that provides an explanation to the following: Introduction:  Introduction of what will be covered in Chapter 5. Summary:  Summary of information from Chapters 1 through 4. Discussion:  Discussion of the findings.  Compare and contrast significant and non-significant findings. Conclusion:  Overall conclusions and how they interact with research questions.  Overall conclusions in context of Chapter 2 literature review. • How do your results compare with literature in terms of population characteristics and research design and procedures? • How does your study converge with, conflict with or clarify these studies in your literature review? • Have you added anything new to the literature? How have you improved on the previous literature? Implications for professional practice. • What limitations does the study present? • How can the study advance the practice of African American women in leadership in law enforcement? • Recommendations for implementation. Implications for Research Future research recommendations. • What follow-up studies would you pursue? • What findings does your study provoke? • With additional resources and time, what more needs to be accomplished with your study? • Knowing your issue, what else do you need to know to really understand the issue you researched? Summarize the conclusions and recommendations. included chapters 1-3 to ensure continuity of the paper. All literature must be current (2007-2014).

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