Vitamin D supplementation practices during pregnancy and infancy among a sample of Muslim women in Ireland and Saudi Arabia

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1-Brief introduction (just mention what this chapter about 3-4 lines)
2-The method of the study (briefly about 5-6 lines)
3-Limitation of the study (also briefly) in this part you can mention like: 1- in this study, it negated in measuring the vitamin D serum level of the mothers and infants. As a result deeply further research is required on this area in order to improve the initiation rates of giving vitamin D to newborn and mothers during pregnancy. 2- in Ireland Muslim mothers were just recruitments from the ICCI (it has a mosque and childcare too) and its place where the researcher could found many Muslim mothers, whereas in Saudi (its Muslim community so it’s easy to find Muslim anywhere) Muslim mothers were recruitments from hospitals and because of knowing people who work at these hospitals made it easy for the researcher to recruit the mothers from there. 3- There are some self reported questions. (of course you are going at add another points, these points just to give you an idea about the study’s problems during implementation)
4-Feeding and weaning practices in each group and highlight the key differences between the two groups.
5-Highlight the vitamin D results’ it’s all about vitamin D’ like (behavior-nutrient practices- dietary intake of vitamin D- supplements consumption and factors associated with vitamin d status like time of the day, climate, culture, sunscreen, lack exposure of the sun and skin color) and how this differ from the guidelines and recommendations. Like are my findings in agreement with my literature, include unusual findings “the result that did not expect to be significant but it was.
6-Highlight the key results that will have an impact on health (mother and baby).
7-Recommendations for Muslim mothers and health professionals.
8-Recommendations for further research (how can future researches improve on my study and what is not clear in my study that could be addressed later).


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