What Determines the scope of the firm?

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1) What Determines the scope of the firm?
2) What determines the international success and failure of firms?
1) The success or failure of internationalization is accounted for by the efficiency of the strategy. In an international market different business, conditions are due to different restrictions and privileges of different countries. Before entering into a market, the company needs to conduct a survey related to the economic status of the market, barriers, type of customers, methods for promotions, etc., and make proper strategy related to that. So basically you can’t just decide to build a company in another country, you need a lot of study and understanding about the laws of the place that you decide to do the company.
2)1. This Is one of the most fundamental questions in strategic management, with a focus on institutional relatedness. Is a fundamental question in strategy research, is to increase awareness among researchers on the necessity to add the much-needed but often neglected time and geographic dimensions.
2. According to the model, the ability of the firm in an industry whose origin is in a particular country to be successful in the international arena is shaped. the likelihood that a firm will succeed when it competes in international markets.

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