What explains homophobia and the discrimination and mistreatment of gays-Essay

This paper is for a lower level sociology class. Its basis is exploring the issues of social class and inequality; this paper needs to relate more to the aspect of inequality.

The topic of this term paper is this:

What explains homophobia and the discrimination and mistreatment of gays.

Keep in mind the course i am writing this for; this topic will mainly have to relate back to inequality. how does this discrimination and mistreatment make them unequal to the rest of society; perhaps in terms of life chances. I dont know, this is why I am getting a professional writer to do this.

Just please keep in mind the course, and the topic. I am an undergraduate, and this is to be a 5 page, double spaced essay. I expect a full 5 pages, double spaced; with a works cited list.

In terms of works cited, I also want links to the sources that you have used to create this paper. I want to be able to locate all the sources you located while doing background research for this paper; be able to print them off in the case of accusations of plagarism.

I have requested 9 sources at minimum. If you feel as a professional that 9 is too many, I am willing to settle with 8 at the very, very minimum; the professor informed us of the fact that he wanted 9 sources at minimum – but I am willing to be a bit flexible.

So in closing, keep in mind the course I am writing for. Social class and inequality. Inequality seems to be the key to this essay. In the conclusion of this term paper, I expect it to be something along the lines of why there is this inequality, what this inequality causes. Something to do with inequality. Any revelations or insights should try their best to be pertaining to either of those topics.