Women issues in sport

Women issues in sport
First, Read the slides uploaded to understand the women issue in sport happened in 1976 Yale crew team.
Essay Assignment:
While the dramatic protest by Chris Ernst and her teammates on the Yale rowing team was important in and of itself, its chief importance is the impact it had on women’s athletics. Now then, your assignment is to seek out another women’s issue in sport – showing how women have made meaningful strides for gender equality not just for themselves but for women in sport more generally. You’ll have to think about this for a time because if you choose an isolated moment or incident and then try to connect it to larger social issues, you’ll find yourself at a dead end. So, consider the matter carefully and choose your subject wisely.
Please follow the upper instructions and dig deeply to find another women’s issue in sport and related social issues (gender equity). When you write the essay, relate to the incident to the Chris Ernst.

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