Write an International Destination Report

Report should include the following sections: (Use these as your section titles)
Part 1: Background Information
Briefly introduce the country you chose
Why you chose this destination
Location (where it is in relation to the rest of the world), size comparison (for example: similar in size to Texas, twice the size of Oklahoma, etc.)
Briefly discuss geography, climate
Currency and exchange rates (with USD)
Part 2: Culture, Interesting Facts and News
Culture (i.e., cultural norms, customs, and traditions, i.e. etiquette, food and drink, fashion, habitat, etc.)
At least two interesting or fun facts
One recent news event that may influence travel and tourism to this country
Part 3: Tourism Attractions and Regulations
Major attractions, art, entertainment (must see sights)
A festival that highlights a unique aspect of the country, for example, culture or food
A UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country that you would like to visit (on the rare chance that you have chosen a destination with no WHS, please indicate this)
Travel and tourism regulations (for example: visa requirements, custom regulations, COVID-19-related regulations)
Part 4: Traveling to the Destination
Travel to the destination
Assume you are taking a trip there in October 2023, flying from OKC. Discuss the following:
Travel route, layovers, travel time, cost (flying coach), etc.
Major travel routes while in country, and getting around within the destination
Part 5: Summary and Sources
Sources used (at least 10 sources, APA or MLA style)
Dedicate most of your effort (80%) to Parts 3 and 4, followed by Part 2.
Use the above section titles in bold as the sections titles in your paper.
Review the Destination Report Grading Rubric to ensure you have covered everything. This rubric will be used to grade your assignment.

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